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What’s involved in a loft conversion in London?
When you instruct us to undertake your loft conversion in your London home, the steps we need to take are usually relatively similar, no matter what your specific requirements:

  • Inspection: We’ll inspect your roof space for suitability. We’ll be looking at height, accessibility and any obstacles which will need relocating or working around.
  • Confirmation and quote: We’ll confirm that your home is suitable, and will calculate that the building itself is adequate to bear the additional load of the conversion. We’ll put together our plans, with your input, and will present you with a formal quotation.
  • Clearing and preparation: Once you’ve approved our quote, we’ll start work on clearing and preparing the space. If we need to move anything like your water storage tank or chimney stack, we’ll do that now.
  • Rewiring takes place: We’ll need to move any wiring or other services that are attached to your joists. Don’t worry, we work with the best electricians in London and will have it done in a jiffy.
  • Joists fitted: We’ll need to beef up the roof joists to support your new room.
  • Floors insulated: We fill the space between the joists with insulation up to 100mm.
  • Floors laid: Next we install tongue and groove flooring to give us a secure working platform.
  • Rafters reinforced: In line with structural requirements, we will reinforce your rafters to make your loft conversion safe and secure.
  • Dormer or roof light installation: If you’ve asked for dormer windows or roof lights to be installed, we’ll set about getting this done now.
  • Building the staircase: Sometimes we build the staircases earlier than this, but it depends very much on the individual job. If you need a nonstandard staircase designed, don’t panic, because our outstanding carpenters are on hand to create a bespoke staircase that’s perfect for your needs.
  • Roof insulation: We insulate the areas between the rafters to a depth of 100mm. This will help keep your converted loft room warm and dry.
  • Forming the rooms: We’ll erect partition walls to divide up your wonderful new space. We’ll install radiators, electrical sockets, switches and everything else your need space needs.
  • Finishing it off: We’ll take care of everything, from plastering and tiling to skirting boards and painting. We’ll install your lighting, heating and carpets, so you have nothing to worry about except whose room it’s going to be!


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