Cookies are small pieces of digital information that may help you use a website more easily. To understand what a cookie is, and how the Simply London Builders website uses them, please read our policy below:

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a digital piece of information which is stored on your computer. Your browser provides this cookie of information to the website each time you visit, so that your experience can be improved.

What is the cookie for?

Here at Simply London Builders, we use cookies to identify and track our visitors, and to see how you use our website so that we can improve your experience. Using this type of tracking, we can see which information is most useful to you, and what you’d like to see more of. This helps us to build a strong, useful website that visitors can navigate easily.

What if I don’t want a cookie?

If you don’t want to have a cookie placed on your computer by the Simply London Builders website, you need to set your browser to refuse cookies before using our site. You may still use our site, but some features may not function properly.

The law around cookies

The EU e-Privacy Directive (from 26 May 2011) requires user's consent for any EU-located website that uses cookies. We will use cookies to remember that you gave us your consent so no further notifications will pop up.

The cookies we use

Cookies are either First Party (meaning Simply London Builders put them there) or Third Party (meaning another company or person put them there).

First party cookies

  • Cookiebannerdismiss

We use a cookie called "cookiebannerdismiss" when you click on the OK button on the 'Cookies notice' banner you encounter on this website. Once you click the OK button, our cookie stores this information so that you do not see this banner again until either you delete the cookie or the cookie expires.


This is a session ID cookie which is stored to allow the CMS system which renders each page to know which pages it has rendered during your browsing session. It stores a random number ID which has nothing to do with you or your browsing behaviour.

Third party cookies

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a system used by many websites to record information about who visits a website. Google has set five different cookies with expiry dates ranging from 1 day to 2 years. These cookies are used mainly to differentiate between first time visitors to a website and repeat visitors. They do not contain any personally identifiable information.
You can find out more about how Google use cookies at You can also review Google’s Privacy Policy on analytics here You can opt out of Google Analytics on all sites by installing this browser plugin

  • __atuvc

Simply London Builders website uses a third-party widget from to allow you to share some of the great content in the site. The sharing widget uses cookies to enable this functionality. We are not responsible for the use or data collected in cookies that AddThis may set. More info can be found on website here -
Simply London Builders is not responsible for the use of any data collected in any third-party cookies.

Controlling or deleting cookies

You have the ability to control, delete and restrict cookies via the browser you use to access the internet. You can find instructions for this at:
You can also change your browser settings to not allow cookies, which you will usually find in the ‘options’ menu of your browser. Further information is available via the links below:

Please be aware that if you delete or disallow cookies from Simply London Builders website, you may not enjoy the same user friendly experience as you are used to.